Majid Electro Mechanical, a Binghalib group company established with a more than 30 years of strong base, leading switchgear manufacturer catering DEWA, SEWA, ADNOC, ADCO etc. We have recently commenced distribution ship with Future Lighting International and Kenyard, leading  LED suppliers in Europe & Middle East. Products are manufactured as per European standard, with all required certifications such as CE, ROHS.

We provide Complete LED lighting solution with installation and testing, we design complete lighting solution for your new project and retrofit projects, lighting solution involves –

We provide complete LED lighting solution with installation and testing, we design complete lighting solution for your new project and retrofit projects, lighting solution involves –
      Inspecting your current lights (retrofit projects).
      Making a comparative study, supporting with simulation and technical specs.
      Electricity Savings Calculations as per tariff of SEWA and DEWA approved.
      LED proposal on replacement (retrofit)

After sales service
      LUX study comparing Existing vs. LED
      Compare your existing and current Electricity bills by using our LED
      Lumens maintenance yearly inspection

Why our LED?

•  Save 60-70% of electricity consumption by using LED lights.
•  Save upto 2-3% electricity on A/C as these lights produce very less heat.
•  Brighter lights with best designs
•  Easily replaceable in the existing fittings.
•  Up to 5 years of replacement warranty.
•  Locally based for complete support.
•  Best qualities at affordable prices
•  More lumens per watt.
•  Eco friendly low carbon and heat emission.
•  Replacement for all types of existing fittings.
•  Applicable with sensors and dimmers.

Advantage of using LED module
Environment and health:
•  LED lamps will reduce the carbon foot print approx. >60 % when compared to existing lighting. Carbon foot print is the main cause of global warming.
•  While manufacturing LED lamps there is no hazardous substance/toxic material used like mercury, lead, cadmium etc. These materials are very dangerous
   to the environment and public health

•  A LED lamp does not produce UV light
•  LED lamps are ROHS (restriction of hazardous substances) compliant

Light Distribution, performance and other features:
• There is constant lumen depreciation in fluorescent lamps which is approx. 20-25 by end of life. Yearly its approx. 15-18 % which will decrease the lux level at desired area in a same ratio but in case of LED its gives constant light output throughout the life with a very low rate of lumen depreciation which is ~3-4% yearly so LED lamps provide constant visibility.
• Fluorescent lamps attract insects because of UV rays which cause disruption to the road user.
• High colour rendering index of LED lamps provide better visibility for road user, there is less chance of wrong prediction of colour than fluorescent lamps.
• LED lights are 100% recyclable but fluorescent lamps are not.
• Less heat generation than fluorescent lamps.
• No flickering /interoperation of light during life time operation.
• LED lamps have very fast startup and run up .
• LED lamps are very energy efficient approx. >60% than fluorescent lamps.
• LED lamps are flexible for temperature variation they produce constant light at very low as well as warm condition but fluorescent lamps light output varies significantly with respect to temperature.
• LED lamps have wide voltage range.

LED lamps lights are very bright & attractive commonly used for modernization of cities